Cindy Gray, Glasgow

Cindy is a social scientist who aims to understand what makes people do the things they do, and why. She seeks to discover innovative ways to support people to improve their lifestyles (e.g. becoming more active, sitting less, eating better) and reduce their risk of ill health.

Previous projects have involved:

  • using football clubs to help men lose weight ( see here for more information ) and become more physically active/sit less (you can read more about this here )
  • using bingo clubs to help older women become more active; the Facebook page has further information
  • an app-based game to encourage people to become more active during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games; read more about the game here)
  • using a text-based ‘soap opera’ to encourage men to lose weight.

Cindy says: “The Culture and Bodies project represents an exciting new opportunity to work with artists and researchers in Malawi and Tanzania to explore the use of arts and performance in understanding people’s experiences of the risk factors for non-communicable diseases (e.g. heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes).

“We then hope to work with local communities to design arts-based activities to reduce these diseases by encouraging people to improve their lifestyles and reduce their personal risk of developing these diseases.”


Tel: 0141 330 6274