Mia Perry, Glasgow

Dr. Mia Perry is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Glasgow. She works in the intersections of contemporary arts and cultural practices and formal and informal pedagogies.

Mia marries a background in professional and educational arts practice with scholarship in post-critical theories, public pedagogies, and qualitative research methodologies. She has worked across multiple disciplinary, cultural, and geographical contexts. Her research and practice has taken place in rural and urban areas of Western Europe, Western and Central Canada, and Eastern and Southern Africa.

Mia’s current research is in the field of public pedagogies, particularly related to education for sustainability. She takes socio-material theories alongside socio-ecological theory to address the complexity of working across difference. In particular, Mia’s work focusses on the space between science-led environmental initiatives and the socio-cultural and socio-material contexts and literacies of every-day life in multiple regions of Africa.

Mia uses the social imaginary as a concept of possibility in the development of the relationships and disjuncture between disciplines, literacies, epistemologies, and geographies (across the affective and the representative; across the global north and south; across the natural and social sciences). This approach is facilitated through embodied and arts-informed approaches to learning, engagement, and research.