Daisy Lafarge

Daisy Lafarge is a writer, artist and editor based in Edinburgh, and a PhD student at the University of Glasgow co-supervised by Creative Writing, Geography and Molecular Epidemiology. Daisy’s doctoral research involves working alongside an interdisciplinary veterinary research team in rural Northern Tanzania, focusing on zoonotic disease transmission.


Ifakara Health Institute

The Ifakara Health Institute is a health research organization with offices in Ifakara, Dar es Salaam, Ikwiriri, Bagamoyo, and Mtwara, Tanzania. The institute conducts health-related research in a variety of areas, including malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Ifakara Health Institute (IHI)  is an independent, non-profit organisation, registered in Tanzania and led by Tanzanians. IHI conducts a wide range of health-related research, including biomedical and environmental studies, trials of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics, health-systems research, and monitoring and evaluation. 

In 2015, IHI staff authored over 150 articles published in international peer-reviewed journals. IHI enjoys a close collaboration with centres of excellence in Switzerland, UK, Holland, USA and elsewhere.

The Institute depends on competitive research grants for more than 80% of its income, supplemented by core funding from the Governments of Tanzania, Switzerland, UK, Ireland and Norway. In 2010/11, IHI’s turnover reached over US$25m.

For more information: http://ihi.or.tz/